Monday, November 28, 2016

Starting to take the Plunge

I have done a few craft shows in the past, but haven't taken them very seriously or have been helping someone else with theirs.

This coming Friday, December 2nd, it's my turn, I'm jumping in, making it a priority. I've planned out, made, and fixed up my old displays.

I'll be at Holiday on 44th craft show in the gym at Patrick Henry High School from 6 pm to 9 pm this Friday. Please come out and buy my stuff...that's not desperate sounding, right?

I have my Preston crochet baskets, Christmas ornaments, magnets, wood lawn games, and small wood trucks. All these are great for gifts, and I do custom work as well if you're looking for something that can wait til after the holidays.

I'm so nervous.

I make things because I love to and because I love seeing people take joy or find function in something I've made.

I can tell that I have alot of uphill work ahead. From maneuvering small business accounting, to networking as an introvert (people can be exhausting), and throwing in family life with growing kids, I'm trusting in God to show me daily where to focus my energy.

I can tell you this, I'm EXCITED to walk out, shoulders back, and jump into this handmade business.

I'm going to be posting more this week about what to expect at my booth. See you there!