Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trading One for Another

I've just come from a week at the beach. I'm both loving and loathing being back in Minnesota. Loving, because I'm home and can get back into my normal rhythm. Loathing, because I have so much less help with my energetic toddler and scooting baby.

Keeping up with these two is sometimes difficult. Especially when I know I need to take care of myself, too. I've shared my struggle with self-care here before. I still struggle but am learning the value. I'm loving the fact that our garden is coming in and we can already enjoy fresher than fresh produce. RADISHES!!! This is the only time I eat them. When our garden is bursting with red orbs hidden in the dirt, and crowned with greens. We used to enjoy these spicy treats then merely put the tops in the compost bin. WHAT A WASTE!!!

This may seem like an extreme reaction but hear me out. Since I've had to cut back on sweets and make better food choices, it's hard to have food treats. But I've discovered a new one and am beyond excited.

Have I hyped this enough? OK, here it is, Radish Top Pesto! No kidding, its...NOM NOM NOM.

In a food processor (Thanks, Mom and Dad for mine at Christmas), blitz 2-3 cups of tops (I used the amount I had from 8-9 radishes), garlic, EVOO, and lemon juice until a paste forms. Add a bit of sugar (the tops can be bitter without it), pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and pulse to combine. So easy, it took me about 10 minutes. I had to stop right then and there and enjoy a piece of toast topped with this wonderfulness. (For full recipe go to this website, I wouldn't change a thing so I don't feel comfortable copying it here, definitely want to give them the credit since I just did what they said.)

So this is where I am. Trading cookies and milk for salad and pesto. Candy for fruit, and binge eating for calling a friend. It's a daily struggle and some days are successes and others are less successful. I'm thankful God loves me no matter what.

God Loves You
Enjoy Life

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