Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spirited Shopping

The Christmas season gives me more reason to get into another of my pleasures...SHOPPING!

Getting a bargain on something I know a family member for friend will enjoy really gets by heart pounding. This year, however, seems to be kicking me in the gift department. I feel life has just flown by! Honestly, where did Fall GO!?!

As Christmas is really coming close, I really just want to embrace everyday with my family before the baby comes and life changes forever.

Even as I say that, life has already changed. I now have daily reminders there's a little one growing and moving inside me. The baby room is getting closer to being finished. I'm blessed with making items for payment and consistently being pushed to make new items.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to spend a week with my family and want every second to be squeezed from that time. That is the real present that I want this year. I want to shop in my family and come away with blessings instead of packages, memories instead of receipts.

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