Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cloth Diapering, So Many Decisions for One Little Bum!

Since my children are going to be my job (I'm so excited for my first day coming up!), I need to finish up my education on some things that will be important for the well being of my baby.

We've decided to cloth diaper from the start, except for in the hospital since the hospital will provide the diapers. I started searching the internet for help on navigating the new options of cloth diapering. It was Pandora's box...I never knew how much was out there and how many decisions this would require.

There are pre-folds, covers, inserts, All-In-One, All-In-Two, pocket style, and so many brands you can have a fun time making a parody of We Didn't Start The Fire by stringing them all together (I imagine it would be called You Didn't Change the Diaper? or something like that)

I found a great chance to have all this explained to me at my local parenting class center (Amma Parenting). They were hosting a FREE workshop put on by My Sweet Pickles. My husband and I made a date of it and got breakfast out before we went to the Saturday morning even. So many of our questions were answered and we were advised for the best options for our budget and commitment level. We were even able to start our stash with a Sale and Swap that they had after the seminar. My Sweet Pickles also offers free consultations for anyone.

With all this, there couldn't be any more great things that could come from this right? Wrong. The one thing I had never knew was that if rash cream was required, you can't use the go-to brands that I knew of. Creams like Destin and A&D Original contain fish oil or other ingredients that will coat the cloth diaper and not let it absorb anymore. Then the difficult process of stripping the diaper becomes your reality.

Amma to the rescue again! They sell Motherlove brand diaper rash cream which is safe for cloth diapers!

My husband and I are still treading the waters trying to make sure we don't get sucked into the tide of unnecessary accessories, but loving the flexibility of options for fitting our new family!

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