Monday, April 8, 2013

More Meaningful Gifts

We are so blessed in our society to have so many occasions to show those we love the ways we love them through meaningful gifts.

Since my pregnancy is coming to a close, I will be able to celebrate Mother's Day this year! I've dropped hints to my husband that there's also this idea of a "push gift" where he can give me a gift in the hospital. I'm a hint a fault. I've told him too that he can combine those two gifts and get me something REALLY nice.

As I was thinking of other hints to drop as to what I want, maybe a necklace, maybe some crafting items, I get a letter from Operation Mobilization promoting their Freedom Climb. "The Freedom Climb is an opportunity for women in all stages, ages, and places to stand up and be a voice for women and children around the world who are enslaved, oppressed, exploited and trafficked today"

The letter addressed the idea of honoring our mothers by helping those elsewhere who need it. The the letter grabbed my attention by offering a bracelet when you give $50 to support these girls (keeping two girls out of slavery). A lightbulb went off in my head and I handed the letter to my husband. This was my last hint to him: this would be great for Mother's day and the push gift.

I'm ashamed to say that it took this letter for me to remember those less fortunate. I hadn't even thought to look into this type of gift for marking this stage in my life. I am so blessed to not only to be having a child, but also to be where we are financially.

Imagine what we could do with our gifts by rather than going to the mall or the closest Target and grabbing just another item to wrap up! There are so many opportunities to support non-profits in this way.

I'm not saying that I will only ask for these types of gifts from now on. (Who would complain about getting a beautiful heartfelt gift of any kind?) But, why not make Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, or Christmas so much more valuable by allowing your gift give back to those who truly need?
Quote and picture from OM Website

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