Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mint Puppy Chow

Pregnancy cravings still being active (even though I'm considered full term) I had make puppy chow to satisfy my intense sweet tooth craving.

However, we didn't have chocolate chips or enough peanut butter to make a batch. How was I going to do this? Well, I had some sold dark chocolate left over from Easter and thought maybe it could be enough. I chopped it up and it was hardly enough. I started scrounging around the pantry and found a bag of ANDIES MINT CHIPS!!!!


So I decided to have an adventure... a MINT adventure, one of my favorites.

If you haven't ever made puppy chow, really you just melt some chocolate (1 cup), peanut butter (1/2 cup to a cup), butter (1/4 cup), and add a bit of vanilla (1 tsp); coat the cereal and then put it in a ziplock with powdered sugar and shake to cover all the pieces.

As previously stated, I didn't have the peanut butter so I just added more mint chips :)

This turned out great and I know it's not just my prego cravings because I've caught my husband sneaking a bowl or two and he doesn't really eat sweets.

This might turn into a thing... I could change the flavor to Nutella (thanks Jessie for the suggestion) or use different cereal.

I'll keep you posted if I get to experiment more.


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