Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring has Almost Spring Wreath

Here in Minnesota we have been hit with a long winter that simply won't let go. Winter hasn't taken the hint that the snow has melted off the ground three times. The snow keeps coming and the temperature is barely above 40 at its best. 

I've decided I have to have a bit of spring or else I might just go crazy! I want flowers and green trees and flouncy skirts. 

Where am I going to put this bit of spring since the trees aren't budding, I kill indoor plants, and if I wear a flouncy skirt I might freeze? My front door. 

I decided to make a wreath since the ones I found in stores were overpriced and looked really fake. 

I gathered the following materials
-Grape vine wreath ($4)
-Bunch of yellow daisies ($3)
-Ribbon (had it lying around)
-Glue gun and sticks (again lying around)

I picked the blooms and some of the greenery off the bunch of daisies so I could scatter them over the wreath. 

Pairing some of the blossoms with the greenery, I started arranging them all over the wreath concentrating the bulk of them in the lower right corner. Hot glue the picks into the wreath to secure. I made sure to turn the wreath over and secure both the base of the flower to the front and the end of the pick to the back of the wreath.

One way I made sure to space the flowers correctly was that I laid the ribbon where I would tie it so that I left enough spacing at the top of the wreath.

Tying a bow with ribbon and hanging on my door was my final defiance to winter.

Bring on SPRING!!!


  1. Such a good idea! I have some extra grape vine wreaths laying around from the Target dollar section... might have to bring some Spring to them, too! :)