Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crochet Thread and Ric-Rack Pot Holder

So I tried my hand at mimicking the beautifully worked crochet pot holder I mentioned in an earlier post. It looked simple but turned into quite an undertaking, the thread is hard to keep in tension and hard to see. The ric-rack seems to just gracefully weave in and out of the double crochets but it's hard to find a needle with that large an eye so you have to work it in while you crochet. Also the ric-rack ravels and so leaving a raw edge for a while exposes ugly fuzzy fringe that has to be trimmed and tucked (another thing I didn't anticipate). I found myself juggling a hook, thread, and an awkward ric-rack board between only a few fingers. I've never been much of a juggler so my pot holder is more of one that would be for a kid's pretend kitchen. I still had fun, and might try another but might have to embrace the old lady look of using reading glasses and use simpler techniques.

All this makes me thing of the folk art crafts long past, like embroidery samplers, crochet pot holders, doilies, and monogramed handkerchieves. Most of these were ways for women to provide beauty in their lives while providing function and necessity. This leads me to ask, where is this outlet today? What in this internet age allows people to add beauty with personal touches to the function of their life? In a world run with mass produced borderline materials, where can the beauty be added?  Do we really expect out homes to reflect personal touches if we do not venture from shopping at a cookie-cutter strip mall or big box store?

 What is the folk art of 2012?

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