Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend of Magic

This past weekend was full of all sorts of magic!

First, I got to spend a wonderful two days with some good friends which is always it's own kind of magic.   After traversing a few hours north, we came to an area that they treasured as the home of their past generations. We heard story after story of going to this place with Grandpa and that place with Great Aunt Louise, and how Uncle Chuck and Auntie V were such a beautiful match for each other. Late into the night we settled down in anticipation of a thrifty day ahead with dreams of shopping adventures giving us chills as we drifted into an excited sleep.

Almost like it was Christmas morning, the day started earlier than planned and the sites and deals where not far behind. In the antique stores, milk glass matching my growing collection was everywhere in pieces I had only seen in a catalog. I found beautiful collections that I wish could have told all the stories of how they came together.  However, most of the pieces were out of my price range for this trip and I had to leave them on the store shelves.

As we discovered the town we were visiting, we deepened our relationship by finding that we all could find joy in a city bakery that had carmel dipped cake doughnuts with toasted coconut on top and cake pops to boot! Our joy was compounded when we overheard of an estate sale that was "packed." After a quick time spent in figuring out how best to get to this estate sale, we were on our way, full of hope of the treasure to come. This was adventure time.

As we pulled up to the driveway, we all made a point of reminding each other that we only had so much space for the four of us, our bags, and whatever else we bought. Soon, all was forgotten with walking through the door and spotting a table 12 feet long filled with milk glass. My heart stopped, my voice was nowhere to be found and all I could do was jump up and down in joy. I had found better pieces than I had left in the stores! As I turned to the woman helping with the estate sale she greeted me with better news! Everything over $1 is half price! My mouth went dry as I started to scuttle all the pieces I wanted into the box: Eight matching snack plates and mugs, final prince $7.50; four custard dishes, $1.50; and four small plates, $2 .50.

After the hurried rush to grab all the glass I wanted, I slowly started perusing the rest of the house. I found a beautiful off white table cloth with matching napkins that I could take home for $10. My husband did not go home empty handed either. He was able to get a record player with amazing speakers, with much prompting from the woman running the sale. He had been out the door when she called out the price he could not refuse: $5.

Our friends walked out with a film projector, divided drawer, cook book, milk glass dish (I love the things I share with this woman!) and the knowledge they would be able to play the home movies taken long ago. All in all this was the mother load that we thought had made our weekend. We were in for more treats!

After dinner with Auntie V, we were blessed with going over to her house and started hearing story after story of family member after family member. She brought out crocheted thread pot holders that were works of art and such an inspiration to me (I'm planning to try my hand at it soon). These folk art pieces started a pleasant discussion of functional art and it's place in the American home.

Soon the attention went to the large trunk off to one side of the room. The beautiful red roundtop trunk that was brought over from Norway was remarkable enough with its original key but the beauty we saw first did not match what was inside. As Auntie V started unpacking the chest showing us this and that from here and there, my friend and I zoomed in on beautiful vintage dresses, one in white and one in green. Auntie V said that she had made the white one she had worn to her bridal shower and the green as her going away dress after her wedding.

We exchanged a glance and I knew my friend had the same idea I did, but with more courage than I she asked, "Can we try them on?" My heart pounded as Auntie V chuckled and said yes. The white eyelet dress was so fresh and springy that my friend couldn't help but twirl in excitement!  The pencil skirt green dress with a high neck and cap sleeves miraculously fit both my friend and myself (magic once again).  We both knew we would have to try to replicate this as we envied this for our own wardrobes. As we explored more of the wonders of this trunk, Auntie V shared another treausure from her closet, the dress she wore to her father's funeral, a wide collared v-neck with full skirt once again transported both of us to a time of elegance and grace.

This night was magical!

Our friends had introduced us to a wonderful woman who has been a light in their life and since spread her light to us. As we left for the weekend, she invited us back with eager anticipation to share more stories and more love of all things lovingly made.

Thank you Auntie V!

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