Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crafty Day

Friday was another day of putting away tims, buttons, paper punches and organizers (I wish that it had been in my craft room instead of at work)

My husband repaired a chair we got off craigslist and had it all sanded down waiting to be refinished in our kitchen. It was as if it was greeting me as I came in shouting, "PRIME ME! PRIME ME!" How could I refuse a call like that! After stirring up the primer left from another project, I set about priming the chair while putting on a guilty pleasure show on my laptop. Even though I was only able to find a one inch flat brush, it came out nicely. I decided to make an off-white color by using a warm ivory and white acrylic paint.

After allowing the primer to dry over night, I started with the off white covering. It took a few tries to get the consistency and color right since I was using a watery craft ivory paint and a thicker tube acrylic white paint (gotta love those college leftovers :) ). The front legs of the chair have turned detailed that I decide would look great in alternating burnt orange and teal. However, after doing all of one side, I think I'll add more blue to the teal, it just looks quite child-like and not quite right for our dining room. I do want to try some floral motifs but I'm honestly getting sick of this at the moment and the apartment smells like paint even with the window open. I'll put it to the side for now.

I'll include pictures later on of this project

I love the way inspiration hits! While working on the chair I figured out my next hat and scarf combo! This makes 8 hats in the last two weeks!

Happy Crafting!

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