Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Art and Craft of Breathing

Making crafts is like breathing to me. Every time  I see something at a store or online I think, how could I improve this? My mind goes wild with what supplies I have and new ways I might  be able to use them to beautify or improve my surroundings.

I never want to go to the store to pick out something for a specific project--I'm more inspired by the items themseves and want to pair the items I love with other items I love. My shopping is much more if a time to  see what's available. I'll get a single skein of yarn just because I like the color or the texture is interesting or it's on clearance (I'm a sucker for the clearance signs!). Then when I come home I sit down with it and think, what would make the most out of this yarn? How can I show off the color, texture, as well as learn a new stitch or pattern?

The way I shop is so much like the way I crochet and experiment with yarn. I rarely follow a pattern to a T. I'll change the yarn or finish it in a different method or use a different hook size without thinking twice. Many times I've started a hat with one intention but what comes out is totally different. I'll add flowers and pom-poms hap-hazardly or make a long ruffle to give the hat an elegant flair.

All this comes out of a yearning to learn all I can and push my experiences with yarn that comes as second nature to me. I'm so thankful to be this way! I can do the same project over and over again and get different results each time. Just like a tree recycling air, I love bringing in items to my home, do a little crafting and taking out new, beautiful pieces to the world.

Enjoy your craftiness!

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