Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crochet Trimmed Fleece Blanket

I know I'm not the only one who has those common blankets that are just fleece with a bound edge. I have several that I got on clearance from Walmart after the cold weather's threats were over. I knew that they were plain and wanted to improve them as I needed a project one day. I decide to try to pair these with members of my yarn stash. 

Here are the results:
I am very pleased with the outcome as they are now more unique and I can still just toss them in the washing machine so there is no fear of damaging an expensive throw. My husband and I have taken them to the lake for picnics as well as for warmth on a camping trip.

I started with doing a single crochet around the entire blanket, allowing the edging to act as the foundation chain. After going the perimeter of the blanket, I decided on a variety of boarders using double crochet clusters and picots in order to give each blanket it's own flavor.

I know that I have now stumbled upon a great way to give a "handmade" blanket to someone where a time crunch is concerned but still be able to complete the project while having enough time to wrap it before rushing out the door!

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